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To install and use Allegory:

1) Download and install the prerequisites, all available gratis and for all common platforms:

2) Download the latest version of Allegory from the SourceForge project page.

3) Allegory can be used either 1) by copying the Haskell modules and the Green-card generated Sndfile library (Sndfile.DLL) to one of the modules directory designated by your Hugs setup or 2) by copying these files to the working directory of whatever Allegory-based project you are working on.

Note: The Sndfile Green-Card binding has been compiled for the Win32 platform (as a DLL), with reference to libsndfile-1.0.9. For other platforms, this binding must be regenerated (with Green-Card) and recompiled.

4) Use Allegory by writing modules that import its modules (Allegory,Sndfile,Csound,Generators,Montage)!